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What are challenges?
Challenges add some extra excitement to hunting. You have 24 hours from the moment you open the challenge to find all the eggs within the challenge collection. Premium members get a new Challenge Key every eight hours (3 per day), and non-Premium members get a Challenge Key once every 24 hours. If you successfully complete a challenge within 24 hours, you win bonus shells.

How can I start a challenge?
You'll get the option to do challenges when you reach Level 15. When you are at Level 15, you will receive your first Challenge Key. It will appear as a golden Turtle Key at the bottom of the game page. Click the key to open your first challenge. You'll have the option to choose between a daily (free) challenge, or a loaded challenge.

If you've already started a daily challenge, a timer will appear showing how long until your next daily challenge becomes available.


What are challenge rewards?
Challenge rewards are shells that can be applied to your game total.

How much can I expect to see in my challenge payout?
Challenges can range anywhere from 1-1000 shells, depending on the difficulty of the challenge, the amount of the wager (if a wager was placed), if eggs were purchased during the challenge to complete the collection, or whether the challenge is the first, second, or third challenge of the day.*


Only the FIRST completed challenge of the day (purchased OR free) is eligible for a reward higher than one shell. Any additional FREE challenge key will only be rewarded one shell, irrespective of the challenge difficulty (easy, medium or hard). You can, however, increase your rewards on any additional challenges by:

1. Purchasing a challenge key
2. Buying eggs towards your challenge (applies to purchased and free keys)
3. Placing a wager (applies to purchased and free keys)


*Multiple free challenges per day only applies to Premium Members

I lost my reward! How do I retrieve my challenge shells?!
Sometimes the gift boxes don't load completely after a player finishes a challenge—we have a fail safe installed, however, that ensures the game will still deposit won shells into the player's account. Don't worry, those shells were delivered! Your reward will also appear in the "Log" section of the side bar on the left.


How do I purchase a Challenge key?
You can purchase a challenge key at anytime in the Marketplace under 'Boosts'.


What is a loaded Challenge key?
A loaded Challenge key is the same as a purchased Challenge key. We tend to give these out as event prizes. They hold a little extra weight—meaning, you are likely to see greater shell rewards than a regular (free) challenge key, even if it's not your first Challenge of the day. 

What is the red circle with a number above the key?

The number indicates how many of that item you have. If there is no number it means you only have one.

Help! I got an Uber in my challenge!
Challenge eggs are randomly pulled from every series that you have open, so it is possible to get an Uber, Hatchiversary or other very hard to find eggs. If you have one in your storage, great! You’ll be able to complete the challenge. The Hatchlings community is also very generous, so feel free to ask for help in your Network, or in Global Chat. 

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