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Last Updated: Aug 07, 2014 04:29PM CDT

How do I earn points?
You earn one point for every egg you collect within the game. You also earn between 5-10 points when you level up. Points are added up to formulate your monthly and lifetime scores. Points also indicate your Level as well as your Global and Network rankings.

What is a Monthly Score? A Lifetime Score?
Monthly and lifetime scores are the accumulation of points you've earned or won over a period of time. The monthly score is calculated from the 1st of the Month through to the last day of the month, while the lifetime score is an indicator of how many points you've earned since you first began playing Hatchlings. Each month, the round is reset- meaning your monthly score will drop to zero. Before it is reset, however, we add your monthly score to your lifetime score. Your lifetime score determines your Global and Network ranking, as well as your Level.

What is a Certificate?
You worked all month to get a great new high score, and we want you to be proud of it. That is why we introduced the Certificates; at the end of each round you can preview your certificate here. Note: We only save your most recent certificate. If you think you might want to look back at past certificates, you'll want to save a screenshot to your computer or print it out.

Read more about certificates here

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