Egg Storage

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 03:04PM CDT

What is Storage?
Storage is a Premium feature. It's a simple and easy way to save eggs for later use—including to gift, post as a Free For All (FFA) or to send to your Network. You can store an egg by pressing "S" on your keyboard, or else clicking "Send to Storage" on the hunting card of the particular egg you'd like to store. Storing is fun—it allows you to build up a reservoir of Super Rares or duplicate finds of the recently released collections—really, you can choose to store any egg for any reason! Our long-term storage allows you to save up to 5,000 eggs for free. You can purchase additional slots in your long-term storage by clicking the "settings" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page (it looks like two gears), and scrolling to the bottom to find the link that says "Increase Storage Space".


**Please note that the storage feature is only available to Premium Members. You can become a Premium Member by clicking the "Premium Member" banner in the top center of the game page. You can learn more about Premium Membership" here.


How do I access my storage?
Stored eggs are located in your Basket Profile. Click your name in the upper left-hand corner of the page, and then click the orange "Storage" button underneath the "Overall Collection" box. This will show you how many of each egg you currently have in stock. You'll also notice that the game automatically displays the color rarity and corresponding collection of each stored egg.


How can I retrieve an egg from long-term storage?
You can retrieve an egg from your long-term storage at any time by sending it to your short-term storage (in your Vault). When you click on an egg that is nestled comfortably in your long-term storage, an information box will appear. Click the orange "In Storage" button just beneath the image of the hatchlings. When you're ready, click "Send Now" and the egg will be sent to your Vault within the game.


How can I increase my storage?
It's pretty easy actually. Go to the Marketplace (the icon). Look for 'Storage' on the left side, and pick your option.

What if my Premium membership expires? Do I lose the eggs I had stored?
If your Premium membership expires anytime after August 31, 2018, the eggs you have stored will be kept for up to 2 months (62 days) after your expiration date. If your membership isn't renewed within that two months, your storage will be cleared from the database and any stored eggs will be lost.

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