What is it?

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2016 10:32AM CDT

Hatchlings is a fun, challenging and rewarding game. The concept is brilliantly simple: collect the eggs, win keys to open more collections, and level up. 

To "collect" eggs, simply click the "Hunt" crosshair in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then click on each egg as it appears in the nests. These collected eggs will fall directly into your basket on the bottom of the screen - you have released them! Clicking on a collected egg in your basket allows you to view its hunting card. Here, you can see the little hatchlings you've saved, send it as a gift to a friend, post it as a "Free-for-All" on Facbeook, or save it in your storage for later use.

Although our users love and play Hatchlings for many reasons, here are some of the top ways to hunt within the game:

Hunt for Completion:
Collect every egg released to complete all series currently released in the game to be at 100%

Hunt for Score:
Hunt and collect eggs to compete against other Hatchlings players to get the highest score among your friends, your network, or globally.

Hunt for Pets:
Show off some of your favorite rescues by collecting eggs and adopting the pets they hatch into (Note: Not all eggs are hatchable).

Hunt with Friends:
Meet new friends by hunting together, gifting and socializing. The Hatchlings community is very supportive of new players - you may find several gifts in your Vault after your first day!

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