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Ready for an epic egg-hunting adventure under the sea? Travel to the ancient, lost city of Egglantis, deep beneath the waves off the coast of Sunny Side Cay.


Hunting in Egglantis is a little different! Delicate bubbles surround each egg and carry it up towards the surface. Click a bubble to pop it, and the egg inside will fall into your bucket. 

There is no limit to the number of bubbles you can click! Collect every egg that floats by, or watch the bubbles drift upward as you wait for those special eggs you really need. How you play in Egglantis is up to you!

Need a break from popping bubbles? Click the Pause button in the upper-right corner of the screen to stop the eggs. When you’re ready to hunt again, just click Play!


There’s a flag in your Bucket that keeps track of how many eggs you have collected. At any time, you can click the flag to view, share and store your collected eggs.

Your Bucket can only hold 100 eggs, and once it’s full, the flag will turn red. You can continue to hunt, but your oldest finds will be pushed out of the bucket and get swept away by the tide. If you know you collected an egg you don’t want to lose, be sure to click the flag to bring up your finds!


In Egglantis, you can hunt for a different set of egg series than you can in Upstate New Yolk, and new Egglantis-specific series will be released at this destination throughout the month! Use a key while you are in Egglantis to open these exotic new series.

Since Egglantis and Upstate New Yolk each have a different mix of series, your open series markers at the bottom of the game will only show you your open series for the location in which you are currently hunting. However, even though you can only hunt for the series that are available in your current location, stored eggs (network and premium) will be available across both destinations.

Power Mode

Want to turn up the difficulty? You can activate Power Mode in Egglantis! When Power Mode is active, click the blue Activate button, and egg-bearing bubbles will appear in greater numbers for you to pop and collect. 

When Power Mode is active, you’ll notice jets of tiny bubbles floating up along with the eggs. To end Power Mode, just click Deactivate.

Note: The Power Meter in Egglantis is the same Power Meter that’s in New Yolk! Tipping the meter in either location will activate Power Mode in both locations. Learn more about Power Mode and Tipping the Meter.


Did you know that Hefley Motors made their flagship product, the DustBunny, waterproof? Activate the DustBunny in Egglantis to suck up as many deep-sea eggs as you possibly can! Pair it with Power Mode for the ultimate Egglantis experience. Just remember to keep an eye on your basket—it’ll fill up fast! Read all about the DustBunny here.


Want to have more fun at the bottom of the ocean? Open an deep-sea challenge in Egglantis! Click on Snorkel Sheldon and choose a daily or loaded challenge to get started.

Note: Challenges can be opened in either Egglantis or Upstate New Yolk, but will only contain eggs from series available in the location where the challenge was started.

Enjoy hunting in this magical kingdom beneath the waves! For updates and announcements, like our Facebook page.

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