Recipe for Romance

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 05:51PM CST
It's the season of love, and her majesty Queen Coco is inspired! She plans to spend all of February writing a romance novel about the adventures of Captain Coco, seasoned sailor and leader of the crew of the dreaded pirate ship The Bad Egg. Can you help her fill out the details of her story?
This month, complete challenges to help Queen Coco as she spins her tale of unlikely love and intrigue. As the plot evolves, so will the challenge recipes available to complete. Who knows what kind of twists and turns might unfold?

How does it work?
During this event, all challenges will feature special Story Recipes. When you open your challenge, you'll randomly be assigned eggs to inspire Queen Coco's story.

Just like a normal challenge, you’ll have 24 hours to complete your Story Recipe. In addition to the normal challenge prize, each recipe you complete will earn you a bonus reward like Shells, Challenge Keys, event-exclusive eggs, and more!

You can complete as many Story Recipes as you're able to during the event—whether you wait for your free daily challenge (or challenges, if you're a Premium Member), or you buy loaded Challenge Keys for even more chances at event rewards. New, limited-time recipes will be introduced throughout the event, so keep an eye out for chances at new and fun rewards (*Note: Limited-time recipes left open past their time will revert to normal challenges)

How do I claim my Recipe for Romance rewards?
When you complete a Story Recipe, you’ll receive prize shells as usual, but you’ll also earn a special bonus reward for completing this challenge!

To collect your bonus reward, go to the Recipe for Romance list by clicking the icon in the top left of your game window.


When the icon is visible with a bright red icon, you'll know you have rewards to claim!


On the Recipe for Romance screen, click on the green "Claim Reward" button and your gift will be awarded to you! Keys and Shells will be automatically credited to your account. Any egg prizes will appear in your vault inbox—remember to claim them within a week or they’ll expire!

All challenges in Sunny Side Cay, daily and paid, are Story Recipes during this special event. Loaded Challenge Keys (aka Paid Challenges) give you even more chances at event rewards and better story elements!

How long do I have to complete Story Recipe Challenges?
You’ll have until the end of February to complete Story Recipes and claim your rewards. Any unfinished Story Recipes open at the end of the event will still be able to be completed as normal challenges. Any unclaimed Recipe for Romance rewards will be lost, so don’t forget to check the Recipe for Romance screen and claim your rewards before the event ends.

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