The Volcano

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 05:50PM CST
Mauna Hua
Long thought to be dormant, Mauna Hua, the volcano on Sunny Side Cay has awoken. This molten mountain demands offerings from players, but rewards your gifts with special gifts of its own!

While hunting, you may occasionally find strange relics floating by, featuring the likeness of the great volcano, Mauna Hua. Click on these offerings to throw them into the volcano. Every player who throws an offering into the volcano edges Mauna Hua just a little closer to an eggsplosion! Once enough offerings have been made, the volcano will erupt, and players who made an offering will be swept away as a group.

There are several types of offering that players can throw into the volcano:
  • Standard tokens. These are found in regular hunting mode. Keep an eye out!
  • Premium tokens. Hatchlings Premium members receive one free Premium token per day to offer to the volcano. In addition, Premium tokens will occasionally float by in hunting mode, giving Premium members more chances to make offerings.
  • Offerings for purchase. At any time, players in Sunny Side Cay can purchase an offering to throw into the volcano. 

Eruption Meter
Check the Eruption Meter to see how close the volcano is to erupting. If you see an offering on your Eruption Meter, that means you’ll be swept up in the next eruption. If you aren’t having any luck finding offerings, or you want to boost the volcano closer to erupting, you can buy offerings by clicking on the Eruption Meter.

When the volcano is about to erupt, players who made an offering will get a warning countdown, then be swept away to the multiplayer eruption site. After the volcano erupts, a giant volcanic boulder will be left behind. Work together and break the boulder by clicking it until it reveals the prizes that hide inside.

Once the boulder breaks apart, smaller lava rocks will scatter across the site, each containing an island Uber. Compete against the other players to crack the rocks and claim the Uber within by clicking on them until they’ve crumbled completely.

Can I opt out?
If you are caught up in an eruption and want to go back to the beach before it’s over, refresh your game to exit the volcano.

What happens if I am not around when Mauna Hua erupts?
If you made an offering but are not actively playing in Sunny Side Cay when the eruption happens, your offering will still be taken, but you will not be swept away to the eruption site.

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