Easter Island

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019 08:45PM CDT
An egg-citing new hunting destination is open for the season! Grab your basket and get ready to compete in a real-time, multiplayer Easter egg hunt on Easter Island.

To travel to Easter Island, you will need to be at least level 20 and have a Travel Ticket. Travel Tickets can be purchased in the Hatchlings Marketplace. (These are one-way tickets, so you’ll need another one to get back to the main game in Upstate New Yolk.)

Note: If you purchased a travel pass from our Cyber Monday sale, your travel will be free between locations—no need to worry about spending tickets!

How to travel: To start your journey, click on the travel icon on your game page to pull up the travel screen.

Need more Travel Tickets? You can buy them in the Hatchlings Marketplace.

Easter Island hosts a real-time, multiplayer Easter egg hunt. Compete (or cooperate) with other players to collect eggs. Other players will be marked by cursors featuring their Facebook profile pictures, so you can see who you’re playing with.

Eggs at Easter Island appear wrapped in different colors of foil based on the rarity of the eggs. Click on the foil egg repeatedly to unwrap the foil and reveal the egg inside. To collect an egg, keep clicking until the egg is fully unwrapped. If multiple people are clicking the same egg only one person will receive the egg—the person who gets the last click wins the egg for their basket! Rare eggs will take longer to unwrap than common ones.

Too much (or not enough) competition? Move around Easter Island using the navigation arrows in the top right corner of the game, or click the location ID (eg: A1, A2, A3, etc.) in the center of the navigational arrows to bring up a map. Click on a section of the map to travel to that location where new eggs and new players await! The number of sections available varies depending on how many players are currently hunting, but there’s no limit on how many players can hunt in one section.

Note: Because Easter Island is a live multiplayer game, you can only hunt in Easter Island from one device per account at a time.

Your Collection
When you collect an egg, it’ll drop into your basket. The flag in your basket will show you how many eggs you’ve collected. Click the flag at any time to view, share and store your collected eggs. When you’re finished viewing your collection you can click the “Empty Basket” button at the top of the report to clear out your basket before continuing to hunt.

Your basket can only hold up to 100 eggs. Once your basket is full, the basket flag will turn pink. You can continue to hunt, but your oldest finds will be pushed out of the basket to make room for the new eggs. If you know you collected an egg you don’t want to lose, be sure to click the flag to bring up your finds!

At Easter Island, you’ll be able to hunt for seasonal egg series that you can’t find in Upstate New Yolk. New Easter Island series will be released throughout the month as well. Use a key while you are at Easter Island to unlock these new series.

Easter Island and Upstate New Yolk each have a different mix of series, and your open series markers at the bottom of your screen will only show you series available in the location you are currently hunting in. However, even though you can only hunt for the series that are available in your current location, stored eggs (network and premium) will be available across both destinations.

Want to add another goal to your hunt? Start an Easter challenge at Easter Island by clicking the Easter Challenge Key.

Note: Challenges can be opened in either Easter Island or Upstate New Yolk, but will only contain eggs from series available in the location where the challenge was started.

Special Surprises
New for 2018, some eggs in Easter Island may contain an extra surprise: a decoration for your Present Patch. You won’t be able to tell which eggs contain decorations until you collect them, so if you’re hunting for decorations, you won’t want to leave any partially unwrapped eggs behind! If you find a decoration while hunting, you’ll get a pop-up alert to let you know, and you can check your decorations in your Present Patch on your profile.

Click here to learn more about the Present Patch and decorations.

Party Time
The rulers of Easter Island are a fun-loving bunch, and will sometimes host parties in Easter Island. During a party, there can be games, different hunting modes and lots of prizes! If you want to get in on the fun, follow our Facebook page and keep an eye out for event announcements.

Happy Easter!
Travel to the Easter Island will only be available for a limited time. You’ll want to complete your series (and stock up your storage) before Easter!

For updates and announcements, follow our Facebook page.

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