Sunny Side Cay

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 05:50PM CST

Join Sheldon on vacation in Sunny Side Cay. Things around here are little different than in Upstate New Yolk (your usual Hatchlings hunting destination), so stick your toes in the sand, and take it easy while you’re here!


Players who have reached level 20 or higher have the ability to travel to different locations. To travel to Sunny Side Cay, you will need a Travel Ticket. Travel Tickets are one-way only, so you’ll need another one to get back to Upstate New Yolk.
 Need more Travel Tickets? You can buy them in the Hatchlings Marketplace. Special Deal: Get an Easter in July travel pass and enjoy unlimited travel through the end of the event!

To start your adventure, click on the travel icon on your game page to pull up the travel screen.


Hunting in Sunny Side Cay is unique. The eggs in Sunny Side Cay constantly roll by in waves. When you see an egg you want to collect, click on it to add it to your Beach Bucket.


Choose your clicks carefully! In Sunny Side Cay you only get so many clicks, and you don't want to miss on on an Uber floating by. Check the Speed Meter to see how many clicks you have left to use.

If you are out of clicks, your cursor will turn into an X, and you get to take a break and wait for your meter to fill back up.


Feeling stressed, or wanting a thrill? Use the Speed Meter to slow things down, or speed things up!

Need to take a break? Go ahead and push that pause button! Your eggs will stop moving, and  your clicks will stop regenerating.


The Flag

There’s a flag in your Beach Bucket that keeps track of how many eggs you have collected. At any time, you can click the flag to view, share and store your collected eggs. 

Your Beach Bucket can only hold 100 eggs, and once it’s full, the flag will turn red. You can continue to hunt, but your oldest finds will be pushed out of the bucket and get swept away by the tide. If you know you collected an egg you don’t want to lose, be sure to click the flag to bring up your finds!


At Sunny Side Cay, you can hunt for a different set of egg series than you can in Upstate New Yolk, and new Sunny Side Cay specific series will be released at this destination throughout the month! Use a key while you are in Sunny Side Cay to open these exotic new series.


Since Sunny Side Cay and Upstate New Yolk each have a different mix of series, your open series markers at the bottom of the game will only show you your open series for the location in which you are currently hunting. However, even though you can only hunt for the series that are available in your current location, stored eggs (network and premium) will be available across both destinations.

The Sandbox
This Easter in July, personalize your own sand castle on your profile. Click to learn more about The Sandbox.


Want to have more fun at the beach? Open an island-style challenge in Sunny Side Cay!


Note: Challenges can be opened in either Sunny Side Cay or Upstate New Yolk, but will only contain eggs from series available in the location where the challenge was started.


Bon Voyage!
Service to Sunny Side Cay will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll want to complete your series (and maybe stock up your storage) before time runs out.

Speed Boost
In Sunny Side Cay, “Island Time” has a totally different meaning. Get your speed meter running on Island Time by purchasing a Speed Boost. To shop speed boosts, click “Speed Boost” on your meter.

A Speed Boost makes your clicks regenerate faster for a period of time. This means you can fill up your basket faster, too! When the Speed Boost is active, your Speed Meter will be decorated with island swag, and the sand dollars will be a different color. 

Use this time to turn down your speed and enjoy hunting at a more leisurely pace, or crank it up and collect eggs at lightning speed!

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