Challenge MAYnia

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2019 05:28PM CDT
It's time for the return of Challenge MAYnia! Complete challenges to earn points to claim rewards like special collectible eggs, Ubers, and more!

How does it work?
You will be awarded points for each challenge you complete. Completed challenges will be tracked for personal rewards you can claim in the game.

The point values for the challenges are:
Daily/Free Challenge = 1 point
Paid/Loaded Challenge = 3 points
Complete a challenge in a travel location = 2x multiplier

What’s the difference between and Daily/Free and a Paid/Loaded Challenge Key?
Daily/Free Challenge Keys are automatically given to you once per day (Premium Members get a free Challenge Key every 8 hours!) Paid keys can be purchased in the Marketplace during Challenge MAYnia. Read more about Challenge Keys here...

Special MAYnia Egg Series
During the event we’re releasing a special MAYnia egg collection, the MAYdallion series. Eggs from this series are scattered throughout the Hatchlings world! Find the first egg in the series in New Yolk. The rest of the eggs will be found in travel locations that will open during the event, OR you can earn MAYdallion series eggs as Challenge MAYnia rewards as well!

How do Challenge MAYnia rewards work?
As you complete challenges the game will track how many points you’ve earned. Come back daily for more Challenges and keep earning points for more and more rewards. Look for the Challenge MAYnia icon in game to see how many points you’ve earned and to claim your rewards.

How can I keep track of Challenge MAYnia progress?
Click the Challenge MAYnia icon in game to check your goals, point totals and to claim your rewards.

Is that it?
You'll just have to play and see! Check back for updates and new info. Follow our Facebook Page for event announcements and more.

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