Exclusive Series

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 10:06AM CST

What are exclusive series?

There are some special series that can only be unlocked with a diamond key; we call these "exclusive" series. The current exclusive series are: Art Nouveau, Bear, Blend In, Cotton Candy, Date Night, Flapper, Fox, Hat, Himalayan, Jewelry, Magic Carpet, Magic Wand, Marbles, Pixie, Puzzle, Spirit, Sword, Tea, Teacher, and Totem. Additionally, many of our travel locations have that are both exclusive and travel series - Birds of Paradise, Luau, Sea Glass, Samhain, Snow Angel, Spring Wreath, Witch, Vintage Christmas, and Yuletide are all exclusive series that can only be found in certain travel locations. New exclusive series are added periodically, and are usually announced on our Facebook page

How do I get a diamond key?
Diamond keys can be purchased in the Hatchlings Marketplace, but have also been found in large presents, awarded as prizes for in-game events and Facebook page contests. There may be more ways to obtain the special keys in the future, so be sure to watch our Facebook page for announcements.

I have extra diamond keys. Can I give them away?
Yes! If you have all Exclusive series unlocked, you can gift your extra diamond keys. Read more about diamond key gifting.

Note: Diamond keys are a one-time use item. You'll need to acquire a new diamond key series for each exclusive series you want to unlock, so keep an eye out for events and sales!

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