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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019 08:44PM CDT

What is the Present Patch?
The Present Patch lets you gift surprise presents to your friends in the game. When you send your friend a card or present, it will show up in the Present Patch on their profile, and they can see who it’s from.

Check out the Present Patch present options here.

What's in the presents?
It’s a surprise! There are different sizes of presents available, and each has an assortment of random items. Every gift that you give will be at least (and in most cases, much more) valuable than what you paid for them.


Can I personalize my note?
Of course! After you select which size of present you’d like to send, then you can customize your message.

Can I still send Easter cards and flowers?
Yes. Easter cards and flowers do not contain any items, but they’re a fun way to send messages to friends and brighten up their Present Patch. Click here to send Easter cards.

How many presents can I give?
You can give as many presents as you’d like. You can continue to give presents until the night before Easter. Or, if you just want to send a quick “thank you” to someone, you can just give them a customizable Easter card!


How can I access my Present Patch?
You can see your Present Patch and presents on your Hatchlings Profile.


HINT: You’re more likely to get a present if you give one :)


To see how many presents you have, keep an eye on your Present Patch (located on your Profile Page) You can view your presents, move them around, and click them to read the tags and see who they're from. Click the “Send a Present” button at the top of your Present Patch to send your friends a present or Easter card.


Can others see what presents I’ve received?
Yes, others can see who sent the present and the note that is attached.

 Can I get Easter decorations for my Present Patch?
Yes! New for 2018, some eggs in Easter Island may contain an extra surprise: a decoration for your Present Patch. You won’t be able to tell which eggs contain decorations until you collect them, so if you’re hunting for decorations, you won’t want to leave any partially unwrapped eggs behind! If you find a decoration while hunting, you’ll get a pop-up alert to let you know, and you can check your decorations in your Present Patch on your profile.

Note: Valentine’s decorations collected during the Love Potions event will stay in your Present Patch and can be traded in for gumdrops, but they are no longer available to find or trade for.

Don’t want some of your decorations, or want to get different decorations? Click on a decoration in your Present Patch, and you will have the option to trade it in for Gumdrops which can be used to buy new decorations from the Decoration Station.

Note: The Decoration Station may be sold out, but it will be restocked with Easter Decorations soon!

When do I get to open my presents?
All Present Patch presents, including Valentine’s presents, will be available to open on Easter.

How long will the Present Patch be available?
You’ll only be able to send presents up until Easter, but we’ll leave the Present Patches open for a little while after Easter so that everyone has a chance to open their presents, even if they’re busy on Easter. Check the banner on your Present Patch for a countdown to Easter.

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