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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2019 06:08PM CST

What is Christmas Corner?

Christmas Corner is a different way to gift in Hatchlings! Christmas Corner allows players to gift presents to your friends in the game. When you send a present from your Christmas Corner (located on your Profile Page) a present automatically appears next to their tree, but you can’t open your presents until Christmas Day!

Decorate Your Christmas Corner!

Your Christmas Corner will start out warm and cozy, but a little bare. You'll want to add some decorations to deck the halls with holiday cheer. When you complete a challenge at the North Pole, along with your regular challenge shell reward you'll also receive a random decoration for your Christmas corner. Complete any level of North Pole challenge to get a random decoration reward. With so many fun items and your personal touch, no two hunters’ Christmas Corners will look the same!

You can also purchase decorations using Coal! Get Coal from trading in unwanted decorations, and keep your eyes peeled for special promotions to purchase more Coal to stock up.

***All newly purchased or earned decorations will appear in your Attic. Click the box in the upper right corner of your Christmas Corner to view your Attic***

Here's a small preview of just a few of the beautiful baubles you can use to decorate your space!

Here's what Christmas Corner looks like without presents or decorations. So drab! Needs more holiday spirit! 


Change your background!

You can also change the backdrop of your Christmas Corner! To shop and switch between backgrounds, open the Attic in your Christmas Corner, and select "Backgrounds" on the left-hand side. Purchase a new background with shells, or click "Set Background" to switch to one you already own.

What’s in the surprise presents?

It’s a surprise! There are two sizes* that you can get for your friends (Small and Large), and each has an assortment of random Hatchlings items. But every gift that you give will be at least (and in most cases, much more) valuable than what you paid for them. Everyone wins!
*a special third size, the rare Jumbo present, is also available, but only in special limited-time offers and sales, so keep an eye out for those throughout the month of December.

Mystery Present Purchase Page


Can I personalize my note?

Of course! After you select which size of present you’d like to send, then you can customize your message.

How many presents can I give?

You can give as many presents as you’d like. You can continue to give presents until Christmas Eve. Or, if you just want to send a quick “thank you” to someone, you can just give them a customizable Christmas Card!

Sounds awesome! How can I access my Christmas Corner?

I’m glad you asked! Just go to your Profile Page to see your Christmas Tree and presents!

HINT: You’re more likely to get a present if you give one :)

To see how many presents you have, keep an eye on your Christmas Corner (located in your Profile Page) You can view your presents, move them around, and click them to read the tags and see who they're from! By clicking “Send a Present,” you can send your friends a present or Christmas Card with the click of a button!

Can others see what presents I’ve received?

Yes! Others can see who sent the present and the note that is attached!

Store extra decorations in the Attic

Have some decorations that aren't quite right for your Christmas Corner, but you can't bring yourself to trade them in? Store them in the Attic! To do this, click the decoration you want to store. In the pop-up window, click "Send to Attic." Voila! Clutter averted.

To view what's in your Attic, click the box icon at the upper-right corner of your Christmas Corner.

To send a decoration back to your Christmas Corner, click it and click "Add 1 to Christmas Corner" To add more than one of the same decoration at once, select the number you want to add from the drop-down.


How long will Christmas Corner be available?

You will be able to update your Christmas Corner until January 12th. However, the ability to give and receive presents will end on Christmas day, so give out your presents now!


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