Unusual Series

Last Updated: May 02, 2018 02:50PM CDT

About Unusual Series

Sometimes we like to shake things up a little at Hatchlings, so we’ve created some series that don’t behave like the usual series. Most series’ eggs are released one a day, every day, until the full series is released. However, here are a few series that break the mold:


The Glitch Series
The Glitch Series is a series of eggs offered as a way to say “Sorry” when we have a major glitch in the game. Eggs will only be released in the series when we have a major issue and subsequently resolve it. Eligible glitches involve issues that are our fault, affect a large number of players and significantly affect gameplay. (If you are having a problem with your game, please contact support.) Hopefully it will take a long time for this full series to be released!


The Cicada Series
Inspired by periodical cicadas, the eggs in the Cicada series are only available on certain days. If you’ve opened the series and noticed that some of the eggs say “Unreleased,” don’t be worried! Each egg has a different cycle of availability, and they will become unlocked when the eggs are available. Learn more about cicadas and the Cicada series.


Über Rare Series
There are several uber rare series available in the game, and more in development. These series are very rare, and you won’t know what eggs you’re hunting for until you find them. They are also released one at a time. Learn all about the Über Rare Series.


The Wizard Series
The Wizard series can’t be unlocked with a key. This series is a bonus series for our fans who follow us on Facebook. To unlock this series, head over to our Facebook page. Be sure to ‘like’ us while you’re there to show your support and stay up to date with all things Hatchlings!


The Days of the Week Series
Since this series is based on the days of the week, the eggs in it are only available to hunt in-game on their respective days. For example, the Monday egg can only be found on Mondays. The egg availability is based on the time zone you live in, so players in different parts of the world may have different eggs available based on their time difference.


Exclusive Series
There are some special series that can only be unlocked with a special diamond key. Diamond keys are somewhat hard to obtain, but have been found in large presents, awarded as prizes, and rarely, offered for sale. There may be more ways to obtain the special keys in the future, so be sure to watch our Facebook page for announcements. Learn more about exclusive series.


The Tropical Fruit Series
The Tropical Fruit series was introduced as a crossover with Puzzlings, a jigsaw puzzle game by the makers of Hatchings. You can’t unlock this series with a key. Instead, you’ll have to complete the Tropical Fruit puzzle in Puzzlings to unlock the series in Hatchlings. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, the series will automatically be added to your Hatchlings game.  Click here to play the Tropical Fruit puzzle.


The Hatchiversary Series
This series is unique in that you will only be able to find one egg from the series. To complete the series, you’ll have to be gifted the rest of the eggs. The egg you’ll be able to find is determined by your “Hatchiversary” month, which is the month you started playing Hatchlings. You can check your Hatchlings profile to see what your Hatchiversary month is. Help your friends and network by sharing your Hatchiversary eggs when you find them!

The Poop Series
The Poop series is a special series released for April Fools Day. It can only be found in Pooplings, and is unlocked by completing the Poop puzzle in our sister game, Puzzlings. Click here to play Pooplings.

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