Uber Rare Series

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 02:07PM CDT

About Uber Rare Series

There are currently a few series in Hatchlings that are more rare than super rare series: the Kingly, Queenly, Menagerie and uber-exclusive Valentino series. They might seem like regular super rare series when you open them, but since these eggs are so incredibly rare to find, we call them uber rare. 

Why can’t I find these eggs?
These eggs are hundreds of times rarer than super rare eggs. You really have to be lucky to find one of them. Some players hunt for many months and through many thousands of eggs before ever finding one. We promise they exist, though! And since finding one is such an honor, when you find your first uber rare egg, you will be inducted into the House of Uber

Why can’t I see what I’m hunting for?
Uber rare series are mysterious, and we want them to be a surprise! You won’t know what you’re looking for until you find it. Also, new uber rare eggs are usually released unannounced so that it’s exciting when they’re discovered!

At what level can I unlock uber rare series?
You'll be able to unlock your first uber rare series, Kingly, at level 40. As for the others—we like to keep things as mysterious as possible with "Ubers," so you'll have to figure the rest out yourself!

Why can’t I buy these eggs with shells?
Uber rare series are priceless, and are not regularly for sale. This keeps them rare and valuable for those lucky players who find them. There are rare exceptions to the rule when we will run a sale on uber rare eggs, but that is always for a very limited time.

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