The Incubator

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015 11:19AM CDT

What is the Incubator?
The incubator lets you incubate your eggs and hatch them into Hatchlings!


How do I use it?

To incubate an egg and hatch a pet, follow these steps:

  1. Hunt for eggs. (Click the eggs on your screen.) The eggs will fall into your basket.

  2. Pick the egg you’d like to incubate.

  3. Click and drag the egg from the basket. Some boxes will appear.

  4. Drag the egg onto the one that says “incubate” and let go.

  5. Your egg is now in your incubator. If you look at your incubator, you should see a countdown clock that lets you know how long you have to wait for your egg to hatch.

  6. While you wait, you can keep playing or leave the page. You’ll get a Facebook notification when your egg is ready to hatch!

  7. When the egg is done incubating, it will be cracked and say “Ready to hatch.” Click on the button next to the incubator that says “Crack it open!”

  8. Hooray! Your pet hatched! You’ll get a message from your pet, and have the option to view it in your profile or keep hunting.

  9. Now the incubator’s empty, and you can incubate another egg!


Warning: If you wait too long to “crack open” your egg and free your pet, the egg will spoil, and you won’t get the pet. You’ll have to clean your incubator, too.


Where is my incubator?
The incubator is in your game’s sidebar under your profile picture. If you can’t see the sidebar, find the tab at the bottom of the game that says “Show Sidebar.”


Where are all of the pets I’ve hatched?
You can see the pets you’ve hatched on your profile page.


I don’t like waiting. Someone told me there’s another way to adopt pets. How?
If you go into your settings and turn off drag and drop, your incubator will disappear, and you will be able to adopt pets from their hunting card. This way you won’t have to wait, but you also won’t see the messages from your pets.


I used to have an incubator and now it’s gone—I just see “ads” where it used to be.
Right now, the incubator is just a feature for new players. If you played the original Hatchlings game on Facebook but just joined the new Hatchlings, your old Hatchlings data will carry over, but you'll have to go through our new tutorial. Since this tutorial shows new players how to use the incubator, you'll have the incubator in your game while you're in the tutorial stage. Once you've finished the tutorial, the incubator will go away, and you can adopt pets the standard way.


I don’t have an incubator, and I’ve never had one.
Incubators are a feature for new players. If you’re a long-time Hatchlings player, you will not have an incubator.

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