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How do I access the chat?
On the Sidebar which is on the left, you'll see a panel with three tabs at the top: "Log," "Ranks" and "Chat." Click "Chat" to enter the Hatchlings Global and Network chat feature.


What are the red icons?
- allows you to flag a comment. The user will never know who flagged them. 
- allows you to ignore a user. 
The ignored or flagged user does not know if they have been ignored or flagged.


What's the difference between the "Global" and "Network" chat?
Your chat is subdivided into two different sections: the Global chat and the Network chat.
Global chat includes anyone playing Hatchlings at the same time you are - everyone can talk to everyone else on the Global chat.
Network chat, on the other hand, only includes players within your Network. So if you want to have a team pow-wow with your Network, hop on Network chat; but if you're looking to make new friends or perhaps just to see who's out there, send a quick "hello!" to the Global chat—you never know who might respond!


How do I report abuse on chat? Can I block someone?
We strongly encourage all Hatchlings players to notify us if/when they see or experience a verbal assault, spam or bullying within the chat rooms. 


If you see anything offensive posted in the chat, don't hesitate to 'flag' [] that player's comments. You also have the option to 'ignore' [] a user if you'd prefer not to see their comments


The Hatchlings team reviews every flag in our system to determine whether or not a player should be temporarily or permanently banned from the chat; we do not take bullying or inappropriate comments lightly.


When I'm on chat, people know my name, but I don't know theirs. How do I figure out what their names are?
By hovering your mouse over any player's comments in the chat box, a little profile card will appear that shows the player's name, their Network, score and rank. You'll also see options to add that player as an in-game friend or send them a message.


How do I report a user / comment in the Chat to Hatchlings staff?
You can report a users comment, known as 'flagging',  by hovering over the comment and selecting the  icon.


How do I ignore someone on chat?
 allows you to ignore a user. If you do this, they will not know that you can no longer see their comments.


What are the Chat terms?
You can read the chat terms here.

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