Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014 03:59PM CDT

There are keyboard shortcuts that you can use to increase speed and efficiency as you hunt.

"R" and Space Bar - Clicks the "Hunt" button for you.

1-9 (numbers) - Starts a hunt with the corresponding hunting group.

"Z" - Rewinds to your previous basket (If you click it again it will return you to your current basket)

"S"* - "Send to storage" shortcut that allows you to quickly send eggs to your personal storage.

"N"* - "Send to network" shortcut. This sends the eggs instantly to your network.

"F"* - Shows and hides the "Sidebar" on the left side of the game.

"H" - Toggles some in-game display items.

*denotes shortcuts for Premium Members only

Keyboard shortcuts are not supported on touch devices or in Power Mode.

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