Egg Rarity

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016 04:44PM CDT
In Hatchlings, some eggs are a lot easier to find than others. This is because different collections are assigned different rarities, ranging from bountiful to super rare.

The rarity of an egg is depicted by its color. (Rarity color classification is similar to that of karate belts!) Here’s a list of the rarities and their corresponding colors:

Bountiful: White (Easiest)
Plentiful: Yellow
Abundant: Orange
Common: Green
Uncommon: Blue
Scarce: Purple
Rare: Red
Very Rare: Brown
Super Rare: Black (Hardest)

But, wait—there’s one mysterious rarity assigned to some special eggs that are so rare, they make super rare eggs look easy: uber rare. These series can be unlocked with a black key, and may seem like a normal super rare series at first, but you may be hunting for them for a long time. Click here to learn more about uber rare eggs.

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