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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2016 02:12PM CDT

What are in-game friends?
You can add other players to your Hatchlings friend list as in-game friends. You don't have to be Facebook friends (and, in so doing, share all your personal information) with Hatchlings players across the globe to play with them. The in-game friend request through Hatchlings will enable you to play with new friends, without having to deal with the formalities of an official Facebook friendship.

What's the difference between in-game friends and Facebook friends?
Both in-game and Facebook friends (who have Hatchlings installed) will show up on your friend list in Hatchlings. The difference is that Facebook friends are your friends on Facebook, while in-game friends are not Facebook friends, and therefore cannot access anything on your Facebook profile page that you wouldn't otherwise show to non-friends.

How do I add in-game friends?
There are a couple ways to add in-game friends. One way is through their Basket Profile: on someone's profile, click the red plus sign in the corner of their profile picture. Or, if you're enjoying a good conversation in Chat, hover over a message from the player you want to friend, then click "Add Hatchlings Friend" on the profile card that appears.

Why should I play with friends?
Each friend of yours (in-game or Facebook) who plays Hatchlings will appear as a nest on your screen during game play. This means that the more friends you have, the more nests you get to hunt in. Being friends also makes it easier to send (and receive) gifts! 

Pro tip: You can manage groups of your friends to improve your hunting strategy or make gifting easier by using Hunting Groups

How many in-game friends can I have?
Basic members can have up to 10 in-game friends, while Premium members can have as many in-game friends as they want. 


How do I manage friends on Hatchlings?
The 'Friends Manager' is the go to place for anything related to friends. To learn how to go to your friends manager see here. This is where you can un-friend in-game friends, and accept any in-game friend requests.

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